#KWAMPIGO Controversial Kenyan Singer CMB Prezzo Reveals Buying Ring For Fiancée Worthy 15 Acres In Nairobi..


Controversial singer CMB Prezzo has been at the spotlight for both good and bad things. He has been at the crossroads with many and having beefs here and there. Many say all is to create his own publicity. On Friday night on The Trend hosted by Larry Madowo, Prezzo had an interview accompanied by his fiancée Mitchell. Many questions were put across most of which were centered on his reputation and his engagement with his fiancée. One of the questions that stirred up the whole interview was about his past interview with the renowned KTN News anchor Betty Kyallo on the Friday Briefing. He was asked if he went to the interview while drunk and if he had other fishy intentions towards the anchor Betty Kyallo. With no delay, he put his arguments straight and to the point that he was sober and he never goes to interviews while drunk. He also made it clear that he is an entertainer and he never follows the status quo and the norms on how things are done. When asked about his beef with Jaguar, he teased Jaguar saying the artist behaves childish and needs to grow up. The beef between the two musicians seems not to end any day soon. The whole interview with Larry Madowo was all about self- gratification and bragging. With his fiancée, not question posed to them was left to chance most of which were directed towards the two being hosts in Nairobi Diaries. Their argument was that they are in Nairobi Diaries not because of fame but because of monetary value. Prezzo didn’t hesitate to show how blessed he was. He tapped his shoe and showed how it turned golden. He also explained how his fiancée’s ring is expensive. He said that the ring is worth fifteen acres in Nairobi. The Spotlight Post wishes them luck and good times as they plan to do their wedding soon.

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