After Usain Bolt Was Exposed For Hit And Run S3x, A Mombasa Girl Posts Evidence To Prove Ali Kiba Smashed Her


She praised Ali Kiba’s game between the sheets as she revealed how much she was missing another drill from him! Bongo superstar Ali Kiba has been dragged into a nasty sex scandal by a Mombasa lady who claims he explored her cookie jar. Screenshots of a steamy WhatsApp conversation between Rahma and Ali Kiba have been doing rounds on social media. The chat shows Ali Kiba notifying Rahma he was departing from Mombasa in the evening. Rahma then wished Kiba a safe journey as she reminded him how she liked their sex escaped and how she was yearning for another drill. Kiba was pleased Rahma liked his game and was still looking forward for to be devoured one more time. The two agreed to meet again on a weekend for a second episode of smashing. Unlike Jady Duarte who posted compelling evidence to nail Usain Bolt, Rahma only provided screenshot of her conversation with Ali Kiba. She could as well be another irrational psycho who only fantasizes Ali Kiba between her thighs.