Size 8’s daughter signs a lucrative deal, She’s smiling all the way to the bank (Photos)


Gospel singer, Size 8, has signed a lucrative deal as the Brand Ambassador of Softcare diapers together with her daughter, LadashaBelle. The talented songstress took to social media where she announced the good news to her fans. “Look at what you had planned for the two of us. #softcarediapersHaiya sasa ukweli nimeona mimi ni mama hii singe pewa bila my princess . Mama wambo and @ladashabelle the brand ambassdors for Softcare diapers. God thank you for this opportunity. You are the one who made sure i never lost my little girl while in my womb the many times my sickness put her in danger all the time i was rushed to hospital you protected her. “ She posted after signing the deal. “ladashabelleMummy tells me we have a new job as brand ambassdors of Softcare diapers. I really don’t know what that means but i hope that’s good news.” She added. Here are photo of Size 8 and her daughter after signing the deal.