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“I won’t stop talking to my brother’s ex” Esma Platnumz reveals why she is still befriending Diamond’s ex girlfriends

Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz is still good friends with Zari Hassan and Wema Sepetu. Esma asserts that her brother’s fallout with his exes doesn’t affect how she relates with his ex girlfriends.   Esma explains that Wema Sepetu and her have been friends for a long time. She says she wouldn’t compromise their friendship because […]

“Mimi ulinisaidia ulijua shida zangu” Rayvanny pours out his heart to Diamond in a heartfelt letter

Rayvanny has stepped forth to encourage his boss in the wake of government oppression. Diamond has been in the forefront advocating for rights of artists whose songs have been banned. Diamond himself says he has no issue with the government ban since doesn’t solely relay on Tanzanian market. The other artists who have been blacklisted […]

“You are the African beauty” Diamond Platnumz flirts with his ex girlfriend on her birthday

One thing you need to know is that Tanzanian celebrities love to recycle girlfriends. Diamond, Alikaba and Harmonize have all date same women at one point. Diamond dated Jokate Mwegelo before Alikiba got in a relationship with her. Diamond also dated Jacqueline Wolper before she hooked up with Harmonize.   Diamond started an affair with […]

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